Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A peek inside my brain.

Ever wonder what runs through an Army wife's brain? Here is a taste of my thoughts...

  • Ugh, this house is a wreck and I REALLY need to get going on my cleaning/decluttering!
  • Should I call the landlord and let him know I'm moving out in June when I'm still awaiting orders so that I can call the movers to move me in June??
  • I wonder if I can keep my deposit?
  • AGH! June is in 2 WEEKS!!!
  • I need to get this paperwork DONE.
  • What should I take in unaccompanied baggage?
  • I should really find out what shots the kids will be required to have.
  • I hate selling out my principles.
  • But then again, I'm not selling out on principles, since they will be in a place that probably NEEDS vaccination.
  • The dog. I really need to get him chipped, clipped (sorry, no balls allowed in Germany!), and vaccinated again in a certain time period. And who the hell is going to write up his certificate in English AND German?
  • I really wish I lived near an Army Post... things would be much easier.
  • DAMMIT, I still have to get the Passports, both civilian and military.
  • I wish I had $50, 000 lying around. Then I could just junk most of our HHG and buy more there. That would make life easier!
  • CRAP, I really need to turn in my insurance paperwork... for an accident 10 MONTHS ago!!!
  • That reminds me, I need to call the dentist and see when my appointment is for putting on my crown.
  • I need to whiten my teeth before he gets home.
  • Happy sigh! Home in less than 80 days!!
  • I need to do sit ups.
  • And rub anti-cellulite cream all over my backside...
  • What does s.e.x feel like again?
  • I need to start the laundry, daydreaming be damned.
  • My shorts don't fit anymore. I should get new ones.
  • I want to hide in a hole and not come out until the movers are gone!!
  • Oh yeah, I hate the Army... why is it taking MONTHS to get these *insert many expletives* ORDERS!!!!
  • Ha, I wonder how many of my readers still think I am sane now!
  • No matter, I can pretend like the best of 'em! "Who me? Crazy? Nahhhh"
  • Is it too early in the day to have a glass of wine?
  • Eh, Probably.
  • And picking your daughter up from Pre-K while sloshed is probably going to complicate your life more too, Tasha. You wino, you.
  • So no wine.
  • Plus, I'll just get sleepy and I have work to do!
  • I bet I could continue this list all day.
  • Think Positive, Tasha, think positive.
  • I miss my hubby, I can hardly believe I've gone 9 1/2 months without seeing or touching him!
  • I really need to get to work!
  • ....
  • But maybe I'll just hide and watch another episode of 24. His life sucks way more than mine...

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  1. Hey! You don't have to have someone WRITE the dog's certificate in English and German. The form you print off of the internet is in English & German and the vet just fills it out. And we weren't required to have our dog neutered prior to moving to Germany, either. Might want to double check that if you don't want to get him fixed. =)

    And if this means you're insane... then we're in the same boat! =)