Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It all makes sense now!


After that long and emotionally charged list I made yesterday, I decided that I was tired of putting pressure on myself for the day...and quit.

I did nuttin'.

I sat on my derriere, watched 24 and relished the lack of stress as I shoved everything aside for an afternoon of sanity. Of course, I eventually had to get the kids from school. And when I get my kids from the bus stop and they are whining before they are even all the way in the car, I start to get a funny eye twitch. Well, not really, but if I had a twitchy eye it would twitch like mad. I had to cut my son off mid-whine with a not so subtle remark that if the whining continued Mommy might just go crazy.

After attempting to get a hold of myself, I called my Mom and proceeded to verbally vomit all of my stressful thoughts. She is a wonderfully patient woman! And halfway through the conversation a thought hit me. Still talking I ran over to the calendar. Hmmmm. I walked to the mirror. YUP, I see a zit or two forming.


It snuck up on me again! Everything makes sense now! I'm not flipping out because my life is going crazy... I'm just flipping out because of HORMONES. For some odd reason, it calms me knowing this little fact. I now know that the sky is not falling, it is just my hormones making everything seem worse than it is.

It's funny how that knowledge helps so much...

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  1. Girl my hormones go wacko to. And when I figure it out that is what is going on instead of being crazy, I try to control myself.

    Good luck with it all :-)