Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello, my name is Tasha, and I am a people person...

I was reading a story this afternoon, about a man with dwarfism, and his efforts and success in learning to fly. He always had a passion for flying, and wanted to pilot planes, but many thought he would never be able because of his "disability". He proved them wrong, and went on to begin a non-profit organization that gives plane rides to kids with disabilities... as a way to give back.

It got me thinking about something I believe to be true about people. That no-one is worthless. That each and every one of us has something big inside of us. I like trying to find the hidden nugget of gold inside every person I meet.

The potential for greatness lies within each person born, no matter what status they are born into, where they are born, or with what disabilities they are born with. The world is full of unrealized potential, unknown heroes, and untold stories. Sometimes it just takes believing in someone - even ourselves - to unlock these amazing stories and bring them to life!

I believe that no one is an accident. I believe that each and every life conceived is precious! No matter how hard life may get, it isn't pointless... not at all!!

Which actually makes me remember a short film I once watched. It brought me to tears!! It was incredibly beautiful, and the story behind the main character's actor is even more beautiful, because it is very real!!

So I hope you'll give yourself a little break, watch this short film, and be moved.

And for those who are wondering who the main character is, and to hear his story... here is a link to his website.



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  2. I LOVE that short film. SO beautiful and beautifully done. That guy will be speaking at a church here in Salem on July 31st and Aug 1st!