Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A baby story... Jewel

I thought I'd share my children's birth stories, as I haven't done that yet. I'll start at the beginning, with my oldest daughter, Jewel.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was ecstatic! I had been experiencing baby fever for a while at that point, after seeing the newborn baby of one of our friends. I had never thought babies were cute up until this point, but holding that cute little pink bundle, and watching my new husband hold her, melted my heart, and we both got baby fever pretty badly. So when that test showed positive results, I was so happy I cried!

I cleaned the house, put on a cute nightgown, and anxiously awaited my husbands return from his second shift job. He didn't get off until 10pm, so I lit candles and paced the floor. Waiting. Waiting some more. Checking the clock. Waiting. Finally 10:15 rolled around and I parked in front of the window, watching feverishly with butterflies rolling around inside, willing his car to drive up the driveway.

And waited some more.

11 o'clock came and went, and I started to get really, really worried. He wasn't answering his phone, and he had never been this late before without calling. My overactive imagination started to envision all kinds of calamities that could be keeping him. Eventually, and tearfully, I realized he must be dead in a ditch somewhere between here and his workplace. Shivering, I threw a coat over my nightgown and drove slowly toward his work, keeping an eye out for his car wrapped around a tree, or him lying in a ditch.

I arrived at his work, and there his car sat in the parking lot, with the only other car being his boss's. I felt a little better, but was still beside myself. Marching up to the door, I threw it open, not caring that I was in my nightgown covered only by my coat. There was a long corridor leading up to his office and I practically flew down it, tearing up as I saw him behind the glass. My emotions went crazy, and I burst into tears seeing him there! Upset, I drilled him on why he was so late, and befuddled, he explained that his boss was making him write incident reports over and over because the man had shown up drunk to work and didn't like the handwriting! I explained that I had worried he had gotten in a wreck and was dead on the side of the road, and then said, "...and I was so scared I'd have to raise this baby without its father!!" He started to try and soothe me, when the reality of my last words hit him.

Eyes widening, he stopped mid-sentence. His eyes filled with tears and he said, "You mean..." and nodding with fresh tears I watched his face go from shock to complete joy!! Needless to say, the rest of our night was GREAT!!! His boss, upon hearing what had just happened, let him go finally and we went home, thrilled at what was about to happen in our life.

To be continued...


  1. my father was a career AF ocifer (I didn't misspell it) He was forced to retire the year I was born (AF politics). But any way, I never had to live the army life moving every few years. But I grew up with the horror stories spoken by my mom...

    But any way, I enjoy your blog and hope you'll post sommat soon.